Local Markets

Just wondering about other Markets across the wonderful United States where is it hot and where is it not?

it all depends on what kind of market you’re looking for. for now, california is really good if you could afford the outrageous pricing of homes. they are averaging $450k for a regular 3bdroom house. but looks like the market is starting to taper off.

You might want to try Austin, Texas. The prices here are what Calfornia was 10 years ago and it is uprising…

Best Riches,
Jeff Adam

Jeff Adams,
Just wanted to let you know I just turned 29 and bought my 53rd house that I currently own. I have sold over triple that and out of most of the other investors That I talk to you give out great advice… I will check into Austin ASAP thank you…P.S. That comes for checking all your other posts

Thanks REO Consultant:
Thanks For The Compliment! I know how real-estate has changed my life and I just try to steer people in the right direction as I know it can change their life as well also!

Thanks Again!

I have not invested in NY… But would if the deal was right!!
It is my understanding that as soon as a for sale sign hits the ground it is gone… I have really Enjoyed Denvers market I now own almost 60 houses out here. They are not estimating a boom out here for 4 to 6 years there are some major coorperations moving this way and they say our population will grow by nearly 1.9 million over the next 5 years with home vaules increasing by over 40%… If not I will wait it out and still keep buying (As I always put 20% down and get at least 30% back at closing) So everytime I go broke I just buy more!!!
I will be following Jeff Adam’s advice and checking into Austin…