Local Landlord lists


I am trying to find local landlords in my area to sell my wholesale deals to. Where can I get an up to date landlord list.


There is no such list, but you can get a list of “investors” from usadata.com, it is basically a list of anyone who owns 2 houses or more.

You could run an ad in the paper as well titled “attention landlords”

Thanks for the web site

Usually the county can run you a list of properties where the tax bill is sent to an address other than the property address. And if they are sophisticated enough, the could do the database select to only return owners that own multiple properties. There would most likely be a fee but it is worth pursuing.

I would like to know what anyone finds out about this. I am in the process of getting together my local list, but if anyone else has found a better way, please let me know. Thanks! :help

Put in an add in the local landlord association newsletter.

Call for rent ads in the newspaper and for rent signs you see in front of buildings. You can find out from the owner whether he is buying OR selling. You can easily find people to sell deals to and people to buy deals from.

Mail to absentee owners in your area. www.listsource.com besides its also a good list to buy deals from.