Local Bank Vetting Advice

I wanted to get some advice on how to pick local banks to fund investing. What benefits should I be asking about when vetting and comparing them? Also, do they require or does it benefit you by placing funds in their bank for the down payments? Does it help by saying I will put 100K in an account with them if they give favorable terms?

We are looking to buy multi-family 2-4 units and then move up from there. We are in the broward area of South FL.


With the current state of lending, you’ll narrow it down quite quickly by just finding out who will even lend on investment properties. I’d see what they’re wanting for down payments on properties and approx what interest rate and amortization they’re offering. Ask them if it is a hard and fast percentage down each time or if they’ll look at the quality of the deal. We’ve had banks say they wanted 30% down, but if we bought with at least 30% equity we could get full purchase price for the loan amount. Once you demonstrate success, things should get easier for you with the banks.