Loans to the foreign resident

I have company in United States and bought assets in cash,
I am nonresident American and not lives in United States,
I search financing for my investments, if there is to the something idea, advice, what the direction way to receive a loan to the assets that already I acquired and that I want To invest .
I will thank you for on all answer.

What kind of assets do you have in the US? Real estate?

yes is real estate

ok well give us some details. What type of realestate do you own, commercial or residential. What is the loan balance and the value on the property?

What is the purchase price of the property your looking to buy? What type of property?

In this stage I am a bought of houses SINGEL FAMELY OR TOW FAMELY OR MOR AND MULTY FAMELY at the moment that we will be seen that interest of the loans run we will consider other possibilities of real estate ,
I bought houses in cash, on the houses not any loan, and I want to buy more,
as ready there is an income from the my houses over 15 %,
tow famely houses and singel home, and mor.
Property Description: The houses nowadays that in my authority and
without loan, 4 houses of 2 families home , 3 houses of singel home.

6 houses were built by the year of 1920,
and one house by the year of 1900,
3 houses about 1500 SF , 2 houses about 2220 SF , one house
2000 SF, and other house 2635 SF.
houses situation: is good and stored, in all the houses there are tenants, and pay in the time,
This part of houses that already acquired,
As imminent stands at this time about between 15 for 20 additional houses to the purchase part of them in the area that already I acquired ROCHESTER, and part in SYRACUS NY the additional part are those, Their income are similar to the houses that already acquired and part no {even} more.
The market value of the houses that already acquired = 340,000 $

Think me to apologize in advance that my english she {it} is not good properly then I apologize in advance on sporadic errors, apropos itself worthy to point out that all loan that we will receive this destined to the next deals.

For your information I sent you direct to the your email of model