loan papers have wrong tms #

I have purchased several parcels of land over time. I built a home on a ten acre parcel in the middle of the land and eventually took on a mortgage.I now want to sell the home but noticed on the contract and county records the house doesnt sit on the same parcel as the contract. how can i resolve this?

Maybe you could change the contract to show the correct parcel number?

Is it the contract that is wrong, or the loan application?

If it is the sales contract, add an addendum to the contract. Make sure the deed has the correct parcel number before you execute it.

If it is a loan application, a call to the mortgage broker or loan processer should get it fixed. If you are the seller, whose loan application are you looking at?

Could the problem be with the county records? Does the county have the correct parcel number?

Why not talk to the title company that insured title when you bought the land.
They will need to insure title for the new buyer and so now is the time to straighten out the discrepancy. A knowledgeable title officer should be able to help. You don’t want to delay your future closing with this issue.