Loan on the Value

What type of lenders give 100% loans based on the value of the property and not on the purchase price or anything close to this.

I would like to get a loan based on the value rather than the purchase price and hopefully get a purchase price well below.

Hard money lenders, but they typically only lend 65% or so of the actual value.

Is that what a hard money loan is all about?? So if I were to choose to live in the house after, would I just refinance it with a conventional loan?

Most lenders lend on the lesser of appraised value or purchase price. They do this to protect themselves from fraud and overlending on a property. The theory goes that if the purchase price is less than the appraised value then the appraised value is overestimated.

as long as a the appraisal is legitimate with comparable properties to back it up you can do what you are looking to do. As long as the seller your broker and even your r/e agent is willing to credit back money to you at closing it is definitely possible.

Does this have to be done through a hard money lender or could it be through any lender?