loan for equity in divorce

I will be going through a divorce & 1/2 of equity will be about $60k. We owe $367k & prop worth $550. I am not sure I would qualify to get this money out since I only make $4700 net. I want to keep my house, & there is no second. Credit is about 550 due to illness in past but everything is current & debt is only $100 a month in credit cards.
Any suggestions? Thanks,

My suggestion would be is work with someone that specializes in low scores and that can help you repair your credit at the same time

Usually to get a 100% loan most lenders like your score to be above 580 and there are lenders that always go agianst the NORM.

I know of programs that alow as low as 560 and maybe some fine corrections to your report that will raise your FICO score and will alow you to get the loan that you need.

There are also lenders that will go with your BIG score which means they go with your highest score of your three scores.

This is just a few options that may help you

You need to speak with a mortgage professional and good legal council. I’ve seen many of these turn bad.