Loan for an RE Program

I need 7k in order to join a RE Program. What would be the best way to get the 7k? I have a very good credit score and I wa wondering if a bank or a credit union would allow me to take out a personal loan. Is this possible? I know that I have the option to put it on Credit Cards, however I wanted to see if I can get a loan and pay it off with a low interest rate for 4-5 years kind of like an auto loan. Please help.

Please allow me to make a suggestion, even though you did not ask for it; Use your money to buy good real estate books and newspaper columns by Robert Bruss,
Ken Harney, Bennie Kass & John Reed. Read some of the books those guys recommend. You will probably learn
enough from them to buy houses without joining a program for 7K. Good luck.

I spent the money on a RE Program, and basically all you get is 10 30-minute sessions with mostly information you already know…the only positive is that you do have weekly assignments (look at properties, get comps, find a few reltors to work with, find a few lenders…)so if you are a procrastinator it will at least get you active, but I have learned more specific information on this site. Hope this helps! :o