Loan Brokers


Can anyone tell me why I would want to use a loan broker to secure my

financing. It appears that I would be paying them for something I could

do myself.


Do you have the proper state licenses and requirements to broker yourself?

A good loan broker will have key relationships with people you don’t. My mortgage broker has access to private funds that I don’t, potential investment partners and spends his time looking for great loan products and building his lender network. I spend my time looking for great real estate deals and building my business. I rely on people like this who choose to spend their time pursuing these things and create a mutually beneficial relationship with them. I get great deals, they get their commision. I also have access to private funds and mortgage bankers, but it has always been my opinion that the more options I have for financing a deal, the greater the chance of doing so. It’s just like a good real estate agent, a good CPA, or a good lwayer; they spend their time doing things I don’t want to and I pay them for this, so that I can spend my time doing what I do want to. And remember, you don’t have to use them every time, just when apropriate. Happy hunting and God bless!!!


I am not talking about becoming a broker or having a broker license.

What I was interested in is what can they do for me, that I can’t do for

myself at a Bank. Why use them.

Hello Keeper, The reason why you want to use one is because we have access to funding that you don’t. We know where the best funding is. It’s that simple.

follow this link to read why use a mortgage broker.

Nice Plug, Jason! ;D

I could:

-Change my cars oil.
-Re-roof my house.
-Grow my own food.
-Cook my own meals.
-Make my own bed…Yeah…I don’t 8)

…But I don’t do any of those things. Why? Because I spend my time doing what I know how to do well and am paid well to do…and I let others do what they do well and I try to pay them as little as possible.

Patrick is right! and I am only saying that since it is the holidays and all. :wink:

I have clients come to me with stories of the friend of a friend, or the place that they got the e-mail from failing them in the loan process. Now they are stranded and need help.

Most people spend more time looking for the right Christmas gift than they do researching their money people.

I would never trust a rookie with of all things…my money.

Mdhaas is right…I’m right. :wink: God it’s great to be alive. ;D

Patrick, are you sure that it is o.k. to say Merry Christmas on this site?

I mean it is taboo every place else. ???

Your right…Merry Shoping Season

And shop you must! Forget that it is the holidays…just shop!!!

…and use your credit cards…MAX THEM OUT!!!..then give me a call in Feb. :wink:

your a sly one…Mr. Grinch!

Sounds like you guys have been drinking the SPECIAL egg nog to celebrate!!!


You know I should pop open that well aged egg nog :beer:.

This has been a very enlightening/fulfilling month. I have just helped a client finance a home with parameters that their Lender said were impossible to find. That they should" give it up"

They had given up hope until a friend of theirs told them to call me. With a months worth of work on their credit and a lot of negotiating, I got them in the house!

It may sound corny, but, it is a great feeling to help folks out!

I told them to send a nice Christmas card to their original broker/lender with a picture of them standing in front of the house holding up the keys! 8)

…and “flipping him off” for the holidays!

Sometimes, the greatest satisfaction/rewards in life come from other than the intrinsic! Good Job, Mark…