Loan 1.25% program

Has anybody heard of this program. I guess you bet financed for a home purchase at 1.25%. Then you invest the difference that you would save. You can check it out at The reason I am wondering if anybody has heard of this is because I am looking to make a purchase as well as a new job. I was contacted by this company for an employment oppurtunity.
Let me know what you think out there.

hi- i am a loan officer and am very well educated in this type of loan program. the frist thing you need to realize with this, is that if you only pay the min. payment based on the 1.25%, your total balance actually increases over time. on the other hand, its a great tool for investing and if used porperly, it can greatly increase your monthly cash flow. My advise to you would be to make sure you know all the pros and cons of this program and olny use it if it makes sense for your investment strategy.

this is a neg am loan. i’d stay away. you’re now paying compound interest on the money you borrow.
einstein said compound interest is one of the miracles of math.[or something like that].
i’m only fond earning compound interest, not paying it.

yes, it is a neg amm type of deal, but if you do it right, you create much more monthly cash flow. if your in a good market, you sell the property to more than cover the amount you lost and you use the cash you saved every month to buy your next one. its not for everyone but worth looking into.