Where do most of your form your LLC? I heard Delware is the best place. Or should you form it in your own state?

You should form the LLC in the state where you will be investing or doing business unless you plan to do business in multiple states. I am not a CPA, but the tax consequences should be the same no matter where you form the LLC

Federal taxes will be the same; state taxes vary considerably.

Usually your bank will want you to have your LLC registered in the bank’s state, regardless of which state the LLC is established in. this opens you up to TWO state taxes.

Delware is now the #2 state for LLC…look into NV…especially if your in a state with no state tax and does not require additional filings to do business in the state you plan on investing in other than NV…

for me, i have my LLC in NV, but live and invest in FL and have no problems…only have to pay federal taxes on my profits…but opps…i still am yet to do that…as long as you learn how to avoid captial gains taxes…hint…you need 2 LLC’s and one is taxes as a C-Corp anyway and to my knowledge NV works for all states
check out


If your state does not have onerous state taxes, form your LLC at home. It’s just simpler.

And there is no “secret” formula for having two LLC’s and taxing one as a C-corp that will “magically” avoid taxes.

And why would you want to avoid capital gains? It’s taxed LOWER than regular income. Go figure…