I am contemplating The best way to start my Real Estate Investing. I hear that forming an LLC would be the smartest way, instead of using my own credit etc… Please Help. I have already picked the name of my LLC the only hold up is 1) finding out if its smart to start LLC first and 2) Which company I should go thru. The two that I have narrowed it down to is…The Company Corporation and Biz Filings. PLEASE HELP???

LLC yes Trusts YES any asset protection you can get YES I have a few rentals like 74 of them and NOTHING is in my personal name!

Thank You reoconsultants for your reply. I will definately form my LLC before starting. However I am still stuck on the second part of my question…Which company to go with. As I stated earlier I am stuck between and Has anyone heard of either of these? Or does anyone have any suggestions of different company’s to check out. I am going to do my LLC in the state of California

I am unclear about 1 thing. When I obtain properties through an LLC, do they still loan based on my personal credit and the mtgs. show up on my credit report, but the props. are in the LLC name, or do they even show up on the credit report at all??

Thank you.

Yes they will show on your report! On the other hand if you do it right you should be a cash buyer in no time! then Start doing the wonderful art of heloc’s and other tools!

OK Thanks! You are quite an asset to this forum. 8)

I personaly have not used either f them I always recommend just calling an attorney My attorney does all that for me!