LLC & Registered Agent

I was wondering people who setup one person LLC, who do they use for their Registered Agent? Use a RA service etc.

TIA - Ray

Howdy Ray:

It is my understanding that the registered agent is nothing more than the contact person for the corp or LLC. It can be yourself or an attorney or anyone. I am not 100% sure but I am the agent for my corp

I believe Ray is referring to a situation when the LLC is doing business in a state other than the state of incorporation.

Ray, if you are not operative domestically, you will need a registered agent in the state your entity is doing business in. There are many services out there for this, or if you know someone that lives in the state you can trust, you can use them. A registered agent is only a contact person for the company, and to be one requires residency (physical address, phone numbers, etc).

IIRC, the only exception to this rule is Nevada (and I am not sure if what I’m about to say applies to LLC’s). In Nevada, a resident agent is still required, but corporations are not required to register the names, addresses, or telephone numbers of the owners (GREAT liability protection).

Howdy Mpetty:

Thanks for your reply about out of state LLCs and C corps. Makes perfectly good sense.