LLC location question (which state?)

I have recently set-up an LLC in South Carlina for the purpose of rehabbing and flipping properties. I was looking mainly at opportunities in SC. However, I am now looking at opportunities in Ohio as well. Do I need a seperate LLC, filed in Ohio, or can I just do business in Ohio as a SC Corporation? Any advantages/disadvantages to either? Note I don’t live in Ohio.


I can tell you from my own experience with the LLC my husband and I have, there are a few things you should know/look into: You should check with the secretary of state’s office in Ohio to see if you need to register as a “DBA”, in order to do business in Ohio you will have to register your LLC with the state as a foreign entity, you will need to find a resident agent in Ohio, and you will also have to file an annual report with the state. Of course there is a fee to register as a foreign entity, as well as an annual fee for the resident agent and the annual report. Not to discourage you, but just thought you’d like to know what my husband and I already found out as we invest in state’s other than where our LLC was formed…Best of luck!