LLC Lenders

I was wondering if anyone knows of a lender that will allow you to finance your property in your LLC with you as a personal gaurantee? I am not looking to quit claim it after the fact, but just do it at the time the loan is originated. I checked with Wells Fargo and Countrywide, but neither of them do. Suggestions?

Most of these are wholesale lender’s so you will need to contact an L.O. to submit for you;

World Net Capital 1 LLC
Hollander Financial
American Brokers Conduit

Good Luck!

Wamu as well.

Don’t expect a high LTV allowance though, most LLC lenders will cap you at 80%.


Scott Miller

I am dealing with a HML now under my LLC with no problem, Equity Development Corporation. I am just in the beginning stages of the process now but so far so good with fast settlement and draws as promised.

Good Luck