LLC essential for rental properties


I am hoping to buy some sfh’s and multi units, do you believe its important to form and llc for each property?
Are there any tax advantages to doing so?

I am not speaking from personal experience but from a course.

“Apartment House Riches” Dave Lindahl, he says to get every property into a Trust. If I were you I would not want to have that liability of an accident happening and your done.

There is this person I am looking at buying a 9-plex from. He is selling because the bank called all his loans due. Once one of his houses burned down the insurance he had for “all” of his houses cancelled on him. At that sign the bank called all his loans due.

The point here is get it out of liability from under you!
Look into pre-paid legal services also.

Can someone describe how the trust process works?
Do you initially buy props with the trust?
How do you move props into the trust?

you might want to get you legal advice from an attorney, :slight_smile:
look into pre-paid legal services if you have many properties.