LLC and Corp. questions

If your receiving supplemental income will making a profit from your LLC
or Corp. affect the suppplemental income ? ,Is there anything that
could prevent you from starting an LLC or Corp. ?,Like having a gov’t
income with holding or garnishment or even having a criminal history ?

If you are talking about need-based income, then c-corp dividends or salary and LLC profit would be considered income.

You can start it, but then your creditors will come after the c-corp shares or place a charging order on the LLC. You are pretty much done if there is a judgment in place.

Thanks for the quick reply BLL

Don’t make your name public with goverment income, especially if you want to have more income.It depends, they will want to get their money back. Just don’t put your name in any part of the LLC or use a coporation in Nevada, where your name won’t be public. Is income disability ? :brow

You will have to register the LLC in the state where you conduct business regardless if you organize in NV.

Nevada does list the manager of the LLC in the public record and has instituted a new business license.