Live TV Coverage from Japan

I have been watching constant TV from Japan. NHK World Live is computer link with English live TV from Tokyo. NHK is more or less equivalent to our NPR. So you can watch live what they are watching in Japan. It is a horrendous disaster.

We lived for 5 years in Ibaraki Prefecture, about 100 KM north of Tokyo. The neighboring prefectures to the north–Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima had the thousands of deaths. Ibaraki lost 19 people.

Our Japanese friends in Ibaraki, who lived across the street, just emailed that they all have roof damage and no water. Fortunately they have well water. They came out okay.

We know that our favorite fish market in Oarai is no more. Those towns that we drove through on little weekend trips are no more. I used to wonder why there were no beautiful large oceanfront estates in Japan. We figured out why when we saw the first tsunami warning flash on our TV when we lived there.

I can’t imagine what those poor people went through…first the terror of a 9 point quake, then a 30-foot wall of water traveling 500 mph. Just like in the southeast Asia tsunami, and in the World Trade Center, there won’t be many to rescue. My heart is breaking for our friends in Japan.