Live in states, do I accept HM loan from Nigeria

I am very new to investing, In fact this is my first deal. I have been offered a hardmoney loan from an investor in Nigeria, He told me to send him $170 through western union, and he would credit my account for $70,000. He sent me his “qualification” as a registered lender. and a copy of his ID. The qualification is a is a accreditation to him from America credit/loans association, and the Nigerian money laundering council. Should I trust this???


Trust it? Not even a little bit! Anything from Nigeria is a scam. Ever been to Nigeria? What a hole!!


Thanks Keith so much for your response. I knew that it sounded a little shady when they did not ask me for much information. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I just posted my experiance with these scammers. You can read it here:;action=display;threadid=16734

The moral of the story is --DON’T DO IT!!!

Donate the $170 to charity if you want to give it away.

Mama always said," if it sounds to good to be true…

By the way I have some swamp land… :deal:

Take it from someone who was scammed by someone in Nigeria. Don’t do it. They ended up getting over $2000.00 from me in fees, etc., all by western union. One fee after another. By the way, they found me through an ad I had posted on ReiClub looking for a hard money lender when I was desperate to save my home. All I did was loose more money.


I found them on rei club also in a ad, thanks teveryone with all of their feedback. I knew it sounded to good to be true

They are accredited by the Nigerian money laundering council??? Wow. Do we have a money laundering council in the states???

You need to see Nigeria to believe it…Lagos is the biggest craphole on the planet – what a buncha sleezebags…


I remeber reading somewhere that the capital of Nigeria is moved every so often when it becomes too corrupt, dirty, and congested. The government actually moves from city to city instead of cleaning up the mess it makes.