Live in CA, Buying in OH. Form LLC where?

I have heard that you should form an LLC where you live no matter what state the property is located.

I met with an attorney and he said that I should form the LLC in the state where the property is located in order to avoid the CA tax and it is completely legal. He does it. He lives in CA and has property in AZ, CO, and IN.

Another attorney said - not true. What is the truth? And why does every attorney and CPA have a different response to this? It’s so confusing. Does anyone have experience with living in one state and owning in another and where did you form your LLC?

Thanks, Jag

Both could be correct, but depends upon which tax or taxes each was referring to.

Forming your LLC in OH to invest only in OH may avoid registration fees and LLC franchise taxes in CA, but does not avoid state income taxes on your LLC income.