Live from Hurricane Matthew

I will be sending out my 1,500 wholesaling letters within a few days.

This is the trial run and I will learn a lot from it.

My questions moving forward for those willing to help:

  1. I will be sending out letters once per month. For next month, should I target this exact same list? I got it from I will be purchasing data for every house in the county within the next few weeks. Is there a way I can target lists better? Soon, I will be sending out 50,000 letters/month and hopefully millions eventually. I can go national because I can hire Virtual Assistants to handle my calls.

  2. For when I’m ready to target lis pendens (preforeclosures) and do sub2’s, does this mean I need the cash up front to pay off their past due mortgage balance?

If you were buddies with roofing companies you can get lists of addresses with damaged rooftops from the storm. Those are motivated sellers.

If you are buddies with big arborist companies you can get lists of addresses with big trees that fell and damaged their houses from the storm. More motivated sellers.