Live chat usefull or not?


We are thinking to implement a live chat solution on our website but we are not sure it’s worth it. Does anybody use such a tool on their website? And if yes do you really see the difference?


I don’t have one in both my sites. I think it’s useful if you are selling products on your site and if you have a lot of visitors that send you inquiry emails. If you have one, you’ll either have to hire someone who’ll man the desk or you’ll have to be online yourself all the time. I come upon sites with live chat support that’s more offline than online most of the time and it doesn’t give good customer impression at all.

  1. Enable people to get answers NOW.

  2. Make sure your live chat team is knowledgeable.

  3. Live chat is like the phone – it’s a conversation!

  4. Your live chat reps should act professionally.

I think it is useful though I have not enabled it on my website. It gives faster information about your websites products.

It is useful , you can engage people on your website and you can reply to them instantly