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I am a wholesaler and had a tremendous amount of success with getting my phone ringing lately. I have a follow-me 800 number but I never seem to be able to get to the phone. Does anyone know of a reasonable live answering option? A few suggestions will suffice. Thanks!

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with a live answering service. But let’s talk about you getting “your phone to ring alot lately”…what/how are you getting that done? Im in the beginning stages of wholesaling here in So Cal. I got my team of birddogs (realtors) out there looking, anf Im going to go with bandit signs next yr…what are you doing? 8)

While I personally don’t use it. I know a lot of people use

Might be worth checking out.

I slimmed down my scope. I’m focused on probates…I’ve used the Lumpy Mail marketing system as well.

Sorry for this ignorant question but whats the “Lumpy” mail marketing system?

I did not know, so I did a Google search.
It looks like sending mail with something like a pin in the envelope. So it is LUMPY and has a much better chance of getting opened.
Sounds promising.
If you do a lot of mailings it can be cost prohibitive.

Best Wishes

That does sound like a good idea. I saw a post from someone else that gets things like small magnets, pens or other things with their business name and # on it and leaves them around town like some people say to do with business cards/flyers maybe I’ll try those kind of things in the envelope.

I set up my answering service to be Patlive and did want to say that they’re excellent. Definitely cut down on our need to respond to non-buyers and sellers.

I use Voice Connect, Inc $59mo/59 mins

Liveops offers what you want. I’m not sure their pricing. They have a pretty sweet model. There’s a lot of detail on their website.

Be careful when using a live answering service. It is better then having a call go to voice mail, but you spend a lot of money getting a home owner to contact you and the last thing you want is for them to be frustrated by the formulaic “I can’t answer any questions, give me your property info” call scripts that most call centers have.

We tell all of our customers (investors) to answer their phone themselves, or have someone in their office who has a basic knowledge of real estate answer the phone. You’ll lose much fewer deals that way.

Try they are great

I’ve had voiceconnect before and cancelled them. During the day, they are rushing to get to next call so they speak real fast.

Team double click
Didn’t use them, but heard only good things about them

We moved over to using a call center for inbound and outbound. This allows our team to focus on the appointment.

Prior to that, we would send them directly to vm and then follow up with those that left a message.