Litton Loans

Any one have any experience doing a short sale with Litton loans?
If so, what was your experience?


I’m currently working on one right now. The homeowner has their 1st and 2nd with Litton.

Litton had a 2nd on a short sale I did a few weeks ago. The 2nd was for 27k and I negotiated it down to 5k. I close on the 13th (Thursday). They were pretty easy to work with.


Thanks, the home owner also has the 1rst and 2nd with them.

Were the requirements pretty standard for the short sale packet?

Thanks again

All I did was fax them my Authorization Of Release on a Sunday Night. I waited until MOnday after noon and gave them a call and we talked a little (about 30 minutes). I told him about the lady’s situation and he told me to fax him an offer. I faxed him an offer of $2300 originally, I waited about 30 minutes and called him back. He said he couldn’t accept that, so I faxed him another offer of 5k, waited another 30 minutes and called him back. He accepted that offer and sent me an acceptance letter. I had less than an hour (of talk time) invested in this guy. I close Thursday (13th) on a 160-170k property that I’m purchasing for a total of $99,7000. The home needs updated and that will cost me about 15k.

To answer your question they never sent me a packet, we did it all by phone and fax.

Good luck

That’s good to hear,

I am still on hold but have my fingers crossed.

Thanks :slight_smile: