Litton Loan Svcs fax #

Does anyone have the LLS loss mit fax number?
I keep faxing it to 713-966-8844 but it’s always
busy. It’s been busy for several days now.
Any one have a good number. I need to fax the

Google them. Call one of their representatives. Get a fax number from them. If it’s the same one they gave you, ask for another one and explain it isn’t going through. Offer to email the package. Offer to overnight the package. Call another representative. Try to get another fax number. This is the life of a short saler… you MUST be persistent. There is no magic forumla for getting these things done. It’s quite possible that you have the correct fax number, but their fax may be running non-stop. Keep trying. Try at 3 in the morning. Keep it up and good luck!

I am glad that you mentioned this. I have a ss package due sat. I just called the # and there wasn’t any answer. I called them and spoke with a rep and got a new/another #. it’s 713.966.8906.