Little help on contracts

I’ve done flips and an expanding to wholesaling a bit more. I had planned on wholesaling off the MLS, but decided to go with bandit signs and finding distressed homeowners. I have at least 3-4 buyers lined up all ready, I have MLS access so I know what properties are worth, I have done flips so I know what things cost and what investers are looking for, the only thing I don’t have is forms.

I am looking to get a prop under contract, and then sell the house to my buyer for a fee.

Can someone break down the process for me and tell me where to get forms for it?

Are you trying to sell the house, or the contract for a fee, it will make a difference in the type of contract that you will need to use.

Which is easier Eric and why? Thanks for the reply! has free forms

Awesome! Thanks John…