Littering or Free Advertising ?

In my town you can not drive 5 blocks without seeing a sign stuck in the ground or on a light post that says WE BUY HOUSES or STOP FORECLOSURE. Personally I’m sick of it. When I first started in this business I use to rip those signs down where ever I saw them. Mostly I did that to take out some of my competition. Is that illegal or am I doing the city a favor by trashing those signs ?

Somebody paid hard earned money for the signs.
Are you giving permission for anybody to destroy anything of yours that they do not want to look at?
If signs did not work, you would not see any.



Thanks, but you didn’t answer my question. I asked if it was illegal or am I picking up garbage?

Depends on local ordinances…many have prohibtions against the signs anyway…

Call your town/city or the county/parish…


You might be doing the investor a favor. They are illegal where I live, but some municipalities enforce it, others do not.

A hilarious example of this is the stretch of IL Route 59 between I-88 and 95th street. All the signs are on the west side (Aurora) while there are few, if any on the east side (Naperville) because Naperville fines people $50 bucks a sign-- and they mean it.

I got a little $250 lesson in that early on!

Hiya Az4closure:

I see those signs everywhere and I know who the signs belong to and some of them are the local investors here in the area, and they happen to be doing well in their investing business. I think in my city there isn’t a rule that you can’t put signs up. Since Katrina, I’ve seen more “we repair roofs” signs, “we can gut your house”…it’s everywhere but in that situation, there’s still people without homes habitable to live in.

As for whether it’s illegal, check with the city officials. But how would you feel if you’re starting out and someone’s tearing your signs down? I would hate to think you are at the local r.e.i.a. club and someone there just happens to be talking about their signs getting yanked out of the ground. That just wouldn’t be cool. Once you get involved in your local r.e.i.a. club, if not already, you’ll be surprise to know that chances are someone in the club has their signs up in your neighborhood and that person is a real super person :slight_smile: You wouldn’t want that person to know that it was you yanking the signs out, would you? Think about it :slight_smile:

If the signs bother you, wear sunglasses :slight_smile:

I work for a City in Ohio and I can tell you that the building department has a guy to drive around and take the signs down. It is illegal and if you get caught you will be cited for littering.

Contact you local building department where you live. I bet it’s illegal in your area as well.

Hope this helps.