litle question

hi all;
i really need you input and advise on how to approach my large problem. i have $5,000 total to use and 1 month to find at least one property deal to start an income of some sort. i am on work release until when ever due to an auto accident. my bills run about $1,500 per month and have 2 months saved fro that. can a sub2 be found in a 30 day time that may give me cash flow of some sort. i live in oklahoma.
i can not think you enough for your help. and advise as to how to do this.
tj (twyla)

Not to sure I should tell you anything since you only have money for 3 months, but if you must there are a couple of courses out there for $200 including the forms. Problem is your cost in marketing $500-$1000 just to get you going.
As far as within 30 days oow.
Oh yeh. and
Be wise with your money, learn all you can for free here and other forums.
LOL herbster

twyla - Rule #1…Never be a motivated buyer!

I am not trying to be a jerk but the quickest way to guaranteed regular income is to get a job…