Listing property for rent

I am working on my first deal and it will be a rental. If i decide to purchase when should i list it for rent? before I close or after…would like to have possable tenants lined up… can I also just place an add in the local paper Houses for Rent and start comilling names, Ill tell them I currently have all homes rented but I will gladly take there name and number…do you guys have a set amount of cash flow you try to maintain on every property or just as long as its not an alligator[b][/b]…the property I have found would cash flow 91 month on the low end…and i can live with that for my first property, but woul like to hear from u all thanks


If the current owner will allow it and it is in “rentable” shape, advertise it while it is in escrow. You will need his permission and a set of keys to show it.


Sweet !!! Thanks so much keith the seller is motivated and the property just needs a little tlc cleaning and stuff. i can have it ready in a day or so…