List of recent marriage applicants?

Where does one find a list of recently married people? City, County? What is required to obtain it?

That is an excellent questions.
I don’t know the answer to your question?

But, I’m looking for people who just got divorced.
Most people who are getting divorced are looking to sell their house.

If anyone knows how to get either of these list please let us know!!!

You can try marketing to divorce attorneys that advertize.
The divorce is also a civil case and as such there are courts that here mainly divorce cases. Find that court in your county and you will probably find a computer index of the cases. The marriages are also keep at the county office that issues them. Go down and ask them if there are and publications that report them or services that accumulate the.

Pesonally, I’d rather go after the divorces than marriages.

Here in Texas, we just go to the county clerk’s office, and they have record of all of that data, for a fee of course, and the state has a site on-line that contains that public information, but it’s it’s too old by the time it’s posted to the web.

i believe you need to go to the county records office. Some have websites now that you can browse online.