List of houses

I’ve got my list of houses now how do I acquire a list of buyers and money lenders?

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Is a link for Hard Money Lenders. I recommend clicking on the link for every one of them that lends in your area. Then look at there terms. Some require you have a certain amount of your own money in the deal. Some loan only for purchase and require you to fund the rehab. Check them all out and see which one suits your needs.

As for buyers, here’s about 100 youtube videos on building a buyers list

I’m curious, usually you either need a buyer, OR a lender. A buyer if you’re wholesaling the deal, a lender if you’re going to actually purchase the property and then re-sell it later, probably after a rehab. I’m curious why you’re looking for both?

I’m new to this and I don’t have a mentor as of yet to guide me in the right direction on what to do first or what to have first. I have the knowledge and a ton of houses I’ve checked into but need guidance on how to implement the “deal”.

Mentors are great, if you get a great mentor. But you don’t need one to get started. I just found this video on getting your first wholesale deal, it’s amazing. It doesn’t teach you EVERYTHING about wholesaling houses, but it DOES teach you everything you need to get your first deal. Check it out.