List of Hard Money Lenders

Does anyone know where I can get another list of HMLs other than this website? I cannot find one that will work for me in IL from the list provided by this forum. Any ideas for other HMLs not listed here?

I suggest you try and find a mortage broker who works with investors in your area. The easiest way is to call around and ask questions. How many investors have they worked with? Do they know any hard money investors? Do they work with hard money banks? Do they work with banks who base the loan on the amount of equity in the property and not the buyers credit (yes, ther are more than a few lenders who do this). I can think of a few wholesale deals where the mortgage broker was the one who found a buyer for the property.
I am a firm believer in using all resources available. Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Tiltle companies are essential when trying to buy, sell or do anything in real estate.