lis pendons

ok good news for me in one the counties i am targeting for preforeclosures i was able to find a website that has all legal docs for the county online apperantly the ladie at the county clerk didnt even know about it when i asked if they had one she replied no but anyways the prolem i have is i have access to the lis pendon it tells me who is involved and the date filed and then i also have access that shows when the mortgage started and how much but the problem is i dont see anywhere a date of auction???

is there a legal doc i can search on her with just the name to get the adr of the person in pre foreclosure tax files need a adr or a parcel # non of which are on the lis pendons or the mortgage docs i am getting of the web site???

In the county I live, the online county tax records are searchable by last name. The record shows both the property address and the address of the owner if they don’t live at the property.

The tax records are probably in a different area on the website because they aren’t usually maintained by the recorders office like the title records are.

If you can’t find the address there, try online directories such as or

thanks for the reply ya in this county you can’t search tax records by last name just parcel or address luckly i happen to have gone to college with a girl that has her realitos license and access to tax records by searching by name
thanks tho for the reply

What state?

In Georgia the auctions are always on the first Tuesday of the month.

Where I am and probably most of the country the lis pendens is the first part of the foreclosure. This just means that there is a law suit pending. You won’t see an auction date on it until a judgement has been made.

well im from wi and yes good point on when they are normally held for auctions but i have seen where lis pendons filed may auction is in aug or even sometimes sept so i mean u only know a broad range of when it could be and thanks for part on the date of the auction not being on it till its further in the suite