Lis Pendens

I have a question, as I am new to the pre-foreclosure process; although some experience with HUD/REOs.

I am in the state of Georgia, and am seeing the foreclosure notices listed in the county newspapers. However, when they hit the newspaper it is less than 1 month until the sale at the courthouse. The acting trustees for the debt collection are local law firms

When I went to the courthouse and inquired about the foreclosure filings I was told that they do not see them until they are listed in the newspaper.

My question is, if the foreclosure process is 3 months in this state, why am I not seeing them until less than 1 month till auction, and how can I see them prior to that? Or, was I given the big blow off at the courthouse?

Thanks for the responses!

im not really able to help you with why you cant find it earlier but i maybe able to help you get to them before most investors do…get your self some buisness cards …where im from the local sheriffs serve the papers or the notice of foreclosure to the owners call up and find out who is the server try to offer them something like 500 for every house you close on if they will put your card in with the papers when they serve it to them…just and idea for ya

i believe that was a big blow off. because they are usually updated at least weekly, and it all starts with the default notice.

I operate my business in Georgia, as well. Your summary of the situation is correct and I am equally frustrated.

The law in Georgia is seemingly backwards. By law, the Lenders only obligation is to post notice of the foreclosure sale in a daily newspaper for 4 consecutive weeks and send notice to the H.O., via certified mail, 15 days prior to the aurction date.

Many times I encounter H.O’s that are not even aware that their house has a scheduled date for a foreclosure sale. Of course, their heads must be buried in sand because, I am sure, that their Lender has already sent them many letters and called many times to collect the past month’s mortgage payments.

Anyways, if anyone knows where to find the Lis Pendens for Georgia, they will have a great jumpt start over most Investors and probably will not share the information.

If you find out and feel inclined to share the info, feel free to send me an email message!

Good luck!

Well I too was having the same problem at my county here in Oklahoma. The thing is I have found a new method that takes a little more work, but works exactly how we need it to, but there is not as much information about the person. Just the name and bank. It is most of the time 60-90 day’s before the auction. You should have court dockets at you county or county website. Search civil Jur. Cases over $10,000 Then look at the VS._ if there is a mortgage company it’s normally a foreclosure pending by an attorney. You can also search with in the records there to find out were they got served at and this helps with mailings etc. I have more information about it but I think you will get the just of how it works once you find what you are looking for