Lis/Pendens ?

Lis/Pendens list - am i better off paying for the service.

i’m in ny and wish to obtain this information free. can i get access directly from banks? county clerk? can i do it online, rather than walk over to the county clerk?


My county happens to be online. Both the property appraiser and the public records database. It took me some time to figure out their system, but now that I understand the abbreviations and formatting, I can even import the LP list to Excel to view offline and target potentials.

Check your court clerk’s office within your county. Whether online or by phone; someone there should know. I believe that most of these services hook into the public records’ database and view the same info that you would essentially be paying for. OR, they purchase weekly CD’s from a vendor that might be compiling these very same lists. As you can imagine, a lot of the info will be outdated using the cd method. Remember LP is all I’m talking about NOT auctions or other action.

Remember public means public not proprietary so we should all be accessing the same info. without regards to who we are.

FL Dave