Lis Pendens - Help

Over the last year there was a lot of persons in Florida that were cashing in on buying homes and then fliping that home. Now that the market is not allowing persons to sell these homes as quicky as below i am seeing on a lot of preforeclosures. I am neither an investor nor and Realtor and looking for a home for my family.
i have created a letter to send out to persons in a area. See Letter below. Once or if a get a reply what next.

I noticed in the public record of Miami-Dade County, that a foreclosure action has been filed against your property and you may not be aware of this. If this is the case, I urge you to contact your lender, to clear this issue promptly. Your property is at risk and perhaps I can help; I am an individual looking to purchase your property for my family, I am neither a realtor nor an investor. You may contact me at 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX

although you have recently been served with a foreclosure lawsuit you still have enough time to sell your home which will provide you greatest amount of comfort and release you from this burden.

I have been already pre-appoved for a mortgage, so the sell of this property will not take long. I ask of you not to procrastinate; explore all the options available to you.

If saving this house seems unlikely, you should call me as soon as possible! Placing you home on the market a few weeks or a month from now may not give us enough time to find the buyer, arrange financing. Because of the time sensitive nature of your situation, this is not a time to go list your property with a friend.