liquidstainlesssteel.... anyone got opinions?

If you’ve never seen this stuff, it’s purportedly a ‘paint’ type product that says it has steel in it (although to my recollection, steel isn’t liquid at room temp, but…), that you’d brush onto things like fridges, stoves, etc

Anyone ever use it? Opinions on how it looked / held up?

It’s not cheap, but sure beats buying new…

I’ve found some positive things about it, but most are on sites that could just be supporting the product. I’m looking to find any complaints, but have yet to find any.

It’s likely I’m gonna buy a small kit and do this dorm sized fridge I have, before doing a whole kitchen with it. I’ll certainly post back with pics once I do this (could literally be tonight lol).

If anyone’s heard problems with the stuff, plz post it, because I’ll check back before cracking the seal on the package to make sure I’m not wasting my time.

I found this short response to a similar question…

I’ve also seen the main part painted black, with a stainless steel peel and stick overlay for the doors. Even had the feel and look of stainless steel.

well, both of the retailers that thomas’ listed in my area still haven’t received the product. I was hesitant to order, so I messed around with spray paint.

Still learning technique, but i think fridges could be done with spray paint. I’m basically sanding, then using a really coarse sanding done in perfect straight lines down the little fridge. Then applying a relatively flat silver appliance paint, and then a clear enamel. If I can actually get my little tester dorm fridge to come out with a great finish that doesn’t look ghetto/home done, i’ll post back with the specific steps I did.

the finish came out solid. I’m not gonna bother posting pics becaue the fridge wasn’t prepped right (so it looks like trash, not because of the silver, but because of preapplication problems).

If closing goes smooth, it seems sometime next week now that we’ll be in there. I’ll post pics when done with my real fridge