Linoleum/laminate square tiles and removing

I think I saw this posted else where, but when I searched for these words, I didn’t find it.

My question is: I have what looks like the original flooring from the 60s/70s… mustard yellow lineoleum square tiles in the kitchen.

I think I need to leave these babies down there because of asbestos, right?

I want to install a floor warming system, and new tile. So, should I just leave these alone, cover them with plywood subflooring, then my new floor heating system, and cover with tile and grout?


If it were me, I would get 2 or 3 bids from professional flooring contractors and ask their thoughts. Those guys will know for sure.

Not necessarily. Some of it has asbestos, some does not. The only way to be sure is to have it tested. A lot of this is non-sense - kinda like mold. Removal involves a respirator - disposal is the real ‘long pole in the tent’.

asbestos in the long run are hazardous to health… not just to babies, i read this in an online med magazine.

Asbestos is only hazardous if torn or otherwise disturbed to cause the tiny fibers to become airborne. The hazard is the little fibers get into your lungs where they embed themselves. Left unharmed or covered up, asbestos is no hazard at all.

Hmm… i don’t want to debate since I’m not a doctor nor a construction material expert, I’ll try to find sources to back my claim :smiley: