link for calculator and etc.

Hello all,
I need a link to a free calculator that will do partial payments, amortizations, etc. I had one…somewhere…now can’t find the link.
Great $uccess,
BTW…does anyone use rent-tracker or notesmith? Which is better…I’m wanting something that will do rentals, lease options, sales, make receipt and coupon books.

Here’s a link that might be helpful…

I use Real Data for my amortizations. It’s free and easy. You can do amortizations in Excel as well.

You might contact Alexander as I think he uses Notesmith. I’ve never had enough notes at one time to purchase it, but I’ve only heard good things.

Real Data is the one I was using…Thanks!

Notesmith’s not free actually, but if you’re doing big business you should consider buying it; they have great technical support, the software’s compatible with Windows Vista; and they also have a great service:
If you lose/damage/throw you CD out of the window/ etc; you can download the software through theyr site just by entering your CD key.

Unfortunately the PRO version is about 500 dollars, so you just maybe stick to your excel and stuff…