link building strategy

from reading blogs and forums I understand that link building is very important for marketing a website, where do I get started with that? lol.

I’m gonna keep my eyes open for replies. :slight_smile:

You can start right on this forum by creating a signature with a link to your blog or website…also insert a link to your blog/website from your member profile page.

Then try some directory submissions - it’s being said this tactic isn’t that effective anymore, but they still hold value.

List your business on websites such as Yelp…

Article marketing - Post articles on article sites like Ezine Articles
Blog commenting - virtually all blogs have the feature of leaving comments with a link back to your site.
Guest posts on other blogs. If you can write a real quality article you can write a post for my site and I will link back to you.
Link out to other people. Building relationships with other bloggers or website owners can often lead to links back to you.

This should get you started

You want to know how your competition go to the top?

Go to google and type of whoever is on top. It will show you their backlinks so you can go and start creating your own!

Also Check their frame source by right clicking on their website, check keywords, meta tags, etc…

I would also suggest picking up a book or two. It’s far more complicated then you could imagine.

Start first by optimizing your pages well and then KW research on what keywords on your pages should you target. Know your competitor and where they link. From there you can start making your own campaign for link building strategies. Well, focus more one blog commenting on related blogs and forums on related niche.

I agree on Article Marketing, however blog and forum posts are tagged with a nofollow to avoid spam increasing SEO.

Try to join forums related to what you are promoting. Bookmark your sites and comment on blogs. You can also do some articles and submit it to article submission sites.

You’ll need persistence… and lots of time and effort.

Read a book or go on an SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) forum.

Check amazon ratings on books and buy the top 3.

The information and suggestions on this forum have been a decade out of date or just plain wrong. :banghead

Using business directory sites is a good start…

Don’t forget to Ping them to help search engines find and crawl your links


There are plenty of types of link building ways. blog commenting is lovely for link building. Other ways are forum posting , social bookmarking , editorial submission and plenty of more.But if they wish professional and quality link they can go which give quality link and professional service and also provide business listing, small business knowledge, business list and business leads to all world businesses, from sole traders, freelancer businesses, and new start-ups to establish companies.

Used as your search engine.

Before starting, I would recommend you to first get to read and study the basics of SEO so that you can fully understand what is and why is link building important as well as what should you avoid and need to work on a lot.

To better help you out, I would provide you the link going to SEOmoz’s SEO Beginner Guide which will tackle the process of doing SEO, link build and many more.

My link building strategy is

  1. Article Submission
  2. Blog Posting
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Blog Commenting

You need to keep ahead of Google changes as well. You can no longer just built hundreds of irrelevant links. Your links need to come from different sources and you need variety in keywords.

There are several things you can do. You can create free blogs/websites on different sites like Wordpress and Blogpost and link it back to your main site. You can also submit articles to article directory sites like Ezinearticles and Amazines. These sites will give you the opportunity to create a backlink to your site through a hyperlink on the post itself or on the About the author text. You can also utilize different social bookmarking sites, then you are creating a backlink to your site at the same time doing social media. Try to check out forums like the warriorforum and learn more. What you want to do is create as much quality links pointing back to your site but it’s suggested you don’t have everything pointing directly to your site. You can create layers of sites pointing to each other and one main layer of backlinks directly to your site. Don’t overlook the power of social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…you can utilize all of them to better make yourself, your website and your company known.

there are so many strategy of link building but you have to realize that what is the , rank of the website then you make your own strategy , for making the link build

I am assuming that you already have a website and a keyword in mind.

  • leave comments on blogs which allow you to place your URL
  • create a forum signature with your keyword and URL; participate in discussions
  • write quality articles with back links to your site
  • promote the articles by submitting to article directories