Lines of Credit

Hi all,
Has anyone been approved for a Business Line of Credit or a Personal Line of Credit in the last few months. If you have been what is the name of the lender or bank who approved you. Iam not interested in a SBA loan because of all the paper work and verification of you Tax Returns filed with the IRS.
Also has any one had any luck using a company that finds a lender for you loan requests. Lots of these Companies on the internet. :help

Haven’t had any responces. Must mean no one is being approved for new lines of credit.

I’ve compiled some free resources that can bring you Business Lines of Credit.

If you’ve heard of Thomas Kish, he offers some programs to do the same. I attended one of his seminars here in town and interestingly enough, I met 2 former students of his who were unhappy with everything and were looking to get a refund. Basically, they felt the program was hyped…over-promised and under-delivered.

PM me and I’ll send you the links I found.

Besides, you can’t buy investment real estate with an SBA loan.

I have been looking at the Tom Kish program also. I have seen lots of bad posts about him and some claiming to give a basic outline of his course… but all of them are different. I have seen that lots of people claim to have tried to get a refund and were greeted with hostility and never got their money back. I’m sure that if people were successful they probably wouldnt be out bragging about the success they’d be out doing deals…or at least I would. I am currently waiting for a refinance to go through and would like to stop pg my loans and I’m sure that I’m getting close to my limit as it is. Can anyone share info they got from the course or would anyone that didnt have success be interested in sharing or selling the info to me (maybe through ebay to protect both of us)? There are lots of costs in setting up a business and I am working on setting up a website for guidance that is free for my information, I would just get referral fees (I’m actually doing this for a discount when I use my own links) but I do have lots of friends that ask me what the steps are and I’m tired of rewriting the same email and/or trying to find the ones that I had sent before.

Again, anyone that could sell me or share some information with me please pm me


PS my website is still under construction ( but I plan to get more information up (including any that I obtain through here) over the CHRISTmas break. (I’m still in college… going for accounting then law school… specializing in Business and Real Estate :wink: )

I have the Thomas Kish Course on Building Business Credit. It’s the manunal and CD. I think I paid about $300 for the course. It’s about 6 years old. Some of the information is out of date. But it gives you a basic roadmap to building business lines of credit.
I used it and it works. Don’t exepct instant results. Rome was not built in a day and neither will you business lines of credit.
Email me and I will share the home study course with you.
Steven in Las Vegas Nevada

Thanks Steven!!!

Does anyone have the updated list of lenders???

Steven, can you share what business entity they recommend setting up?

I have his manual too, and it’s about 4 years old. It was new and useful for me at the time I purchased it, in fact I still applied the method for my business. I think it’s just the matter of knowing something or not, if you know it already, the book is useless for you then. Nothing real fancy in the book, just plain information and how to apply the information in real life. I just didn’t know where to get free information at that time. Yes you can find those info for free if you know where to find it.