Lines of credit for real they really exist?

Keep seeing ads like the one at the top of this forum that say you can get $200,000 or more for investing in real estate but they always want you to buy some book or something.

What I want to know is if these lines of credit really exist or if they’re the usual lines of credit where you need a 700+ credit score.

I’ve been researching this alot over the past few days, including posting a couple questions on this and other sites about establishing business credit. You can Google the phrases “business line of credit”, “unsecured buseiness line of credit”, and “establishing business credit” and find some answers.
You guessed it though, if your credit is weak and your business is under 2 years old, your options look limited. I’m going to attach one link that looked helpful in having some kind of plan to get your business credit off on the right foot.
Good luck, and share what you find.

Thanks for replying.

Ironically that’s what I did already. Have a DUNS number, didn’t pay that $500. Have a Staples card. Home Depot, Viking which I think is now an OfficeDepot company and others are listed as companies to go to for credit. I haven’t done that after getting rejected by Dell.

Seems nothing is 100% unless you have a 700 score or a friend with one.

I’m in the 600s so not too far off…just need to figure out how to get past this point.

There are many ways these companies score this stuff. You definitely need a 700+ score and have been in business for two or more years but in addition you need to ensure certain things are on your credit such as your occupation being your business, no lates, no collection. Most of the lenders will allow 25K to 49K on just what you fill out on the application but on the app it will need to be stated that gross annual revenue needs to be above 350K a year so the lender can stay within the 15 to 20% rule. this can be repeted with multiple lenders and credit card places to get to the amount needed. I.e. amex, NCB, Wells fargo, BOA.