lines of credit ///// bussiness????

:cool i see so many folks post here and they want to get lines of credit for there llc and there just plain corporations ??? I was just wondering if any one has any place that you can go and get lines of unsecuered credit set up that are for the llc corporation and in this bussiness they would have to be 100k or more . AS well i know it would be hard for a new corporation ??? WHAT if it was say three years old where could you go say a web site or something ??

thank s for all the help on this matter as we will all benfit from the information

i don’t understand you?

:cool i will ask it in a differant way any one know where a corporation that is set up can get lines of unsecured credit ?? not the person owning the corporation but the corporation it self

Are you talking about a few thousand or enough to purchase properties with?

:cool any and all amounts //// as i do not know where to go but i have seen a lot of people postting with the same questions just stated differant liike where cani go to get lines of credit for my llc ?? where can i go to get lines of credit for my real estate deallings so any place where you know of for any amounts would be helpful at this point

Have you tried doing an on-line search?*%3AIE-Address&rlz=1I7ADBS&q=unsecured+business+lines+of+credit&btnG=Search

wells fargo

that’s who i use for CC.

they asked for my operating agreement and EIN -

they based the amount of credit on my personal credit -

the check on credit showed as an inquiry only and the credit i pay off and build is solely in the name of the LLC.

:cool thank every one for your responses to this point

now i wonder if the coropration was three years old would they even look at the owners credit ?? when if ever will the corporation stand on its own for lines of credit ??