Line of credit----info wanted

I am interested in obtaining a line of credit. I have heard a lot of talk about this but wonder how much of it is true.

Has anyone obtained an unsecured line of credit before with little or no documenation?

I have heard this can be done with good credit scores.

Business credit cards with Low life of balance transfer offers, like the advanta 2.9% for life of balance comes to mind.

I challenge somebody to beat that in terms of unsecured line of credit.

  1. doesn’t report to personal credit.
  2. closing costs 50 bucks (balance transfer fee)

For more info,

This type of credit is PERFECT for buying all cash, rehab, get tenant in and REFI to pay off line again, my bank will give me 80% tax value, so like always, you gotta buy CHEAP!!.

Once you have an EIN (employer identification number), you can apply to many of the zero percent introductory rate business credit cards.

They will base their decision on your credit score (and what you tell them about your income and length in business…keep in mind, it’s not how long the entity has existed, but how long you’ve been in that business).

Each time you apply for one of these, it will count as an inquiry on your credit report, so be aware if you’re working to re-finance something.

This has been a solid way for me to build my available cash. I consider my credit cards my personal private money lenders. When you need some funds to help make a deal happen (such as when a hard money lender wants a percentage down), this is a good way to do it.

Make sure, however that you have the appropriate cash reserves to make your payments and keep current.

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I am confused? sounds like you mixed business and personal. The E.I.N. is for your business and your personal cc’s are under your social security #.

I have secured many lines of credit under my personal social security
number but I have yet to get any cash lines of credit under my EIN. I have alot of business credit from supplier’s but have yet to secure any cash. I have multiple EIN’s with D&B#'s 411 lines incorporated with the state the whole 9 yards. I would love to hear from anyone who has actually secured any cash from a "shell co. ein " type of structure. There are poeple and co.'s out there that say give us a grand or two and in 90 days we can get you 50 or 100 grand no problem. Even when I owned actuall business’s that produced great revenue it was difficult to get financeing. Feedback??