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Hello Agian,

I am about to take the plunge and need some details.
I have been reading so many of these post and the info has been great!
It would be even “more great” if someone can explain the process of the wholesale assinment transaction.

What I mean is; you sign a p&s with the seller, assign it to a buyer, I know this but…

1)what do do with the p&s, take it with you, then what? (does the seller get a copy?). Do you send it a laywer? title comp? I’m in Ma.

  1. Do you show the P&S to your buyer?

  2. would you go to closing? I’m assuming yes.

If anyone could run through it in detail (…i know…sorry) that would be very helpful. I’m am getting ready to do place an ad etc. and now feel I need a little more info…nerves!!!

Thank so much,


To answer some of your questions. Once you have a signed contract you take it to the title company or attorney who will be handling the closing (you should keep a copy and the seller will probably want a copy as well).

Title work should be inititated and yes your buyer will need to see the contract so they see all the terms, etc.

Ideally you get all or at least half of the assignment fee upfront and it is good to stay in the loop to make sure your buyer closes.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info.
Also I sent you a email.

Hi all,
If I may ask follow up questions to JD questions. Who finds the title company? Shouldn’t it be whoever you assign the contract to? After I get a signed contract , give a copy to the seller and get my buyer lined up- what else do I personally need to do?
Sincerely in Christ,
Leesa C.

To JD:
No you don’t HAVE to go to the closing. I don’t go, I just have the Title company wire funds into my account.

To: Leesa
The seller is supposed to pick the Title company, but when your an investor the seller is usually unaware and doesn’t know of one anyway so its up to you. We always like to use our title company rather than buyer picking