Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

One of the things that really makes me sick is the lying by the government on economic numbers. From the unemployment rate to the inflation rate, everything they publish is pure fabrication. The government numbers are not intended to report the facts, but rather to guide the economy and public perception. Here’s an interesting article that points out that the real current unemployent rate is 12.5%, if you count those people who are so disgusted that they quit looking for work and those that are working part time because they can’t find full time jobs. If they really wanted to be accurate, they would include all the millions of lazy deadbeats in this country that are simply too lazy to work (and are being supported by you an me). Truth be told, the real unemployment rate is probably in the mid-twenties right now! No wonder this country is BROKE! We have real unemployment right now at depression levels. Here’s the link:

Comrade Mike

There’s no better proof of what Mike is talking about than last weeks ASTONISHING REVELATION that our economy actually went into RECESSION…LAST December!! :shocked :shocked :shocked

Not THIS December…December of 2007!!!

This info was provided by an independant research group.


The absolute BEST part of what your talking about is the RALLY we had on Friday based on the brillant assumption that the unemployment numbers CAN’T get any worse and we’re now on the UPSWING!!! :banghead

This is EXACTLY what has been said about Real Estate prices for the entire duration of this bust. Another GREAT call by the “Pro’s.”

On a brighter note…As predicted here…The Automakers got their Bridge loans. Ford doesn’t need the money right now but it is very reassuring to me that the funds have been approved.

Has anyone noticed another item that was predicted here and came true???

JOB LOSSES put all the debate about those bridge loans TO BED.
As the economy continues to weaken the Goverment will then realize they now OWN The Big 3…At that point letting them go belly up with BILLIONS of tax payer money already invested will prevent at least FORD from going bye bye. Your buying an investment that the U.S. Goverment just guaranteed!!!

Finally…The offical BS Goverment Unemployment numbers will be higher than 12% before this is over. The losses to come will be STAGGERING because NOW… The entire PLANET is in recession/depression.

There is NO WHERE to hide.

This is interesting… I was watching CNN the other night and they were saying that the unemployment numbers were skewed because in the numbers they were counting people that didn’t want to work. So they were basically saying that the numbers were inflated by 2 or 3%, which are the number of people unemployed that is not looking for a job. I don’t remember the name of the person who was making this comment. However it goes to show how statistics and numbers can be misleading.