Licensed? Beware of Chase Short Sales!

Working for almost one year on short sale with Chase as lender. The first escrow fell out because of their delays. Now that I am listing and selling agent in a second transaction Chase was sent a HUD 1 where I asked for 6% commission per the listing agreement. Chase verbally said they were approving the sale and then I got the delayed approval that gave a net amount they would take. Escrow figured out that after all closing costs I was to get 3% commission for handling both sides. This is a small condo and there are dozens of others nearby also in foreclosure. My net works out to $11 an hour for a nightmare dealing with Chase Home Finance in San Diego. They refuse to follow the new Fannie Mae mandate that the listing agreement commission should be adhered to. They are very arbitrary as well since they pay some agents 5% and others they bargain down. When I protested the commission John, Simionidis said he was closing the sale and hung up on me. I had to get a supervisor to open the file again. John’s mantra throughout has been “realtors always tell you what’s best for them’ 'I never look at comps from realtors they only care about their commissions”, etc… Insult after insult. I recommend staying away from Chase. Better to take a part-time job at McDonald’s, you’ll make more money there!