Liability insurance/umbrella for multiple FL properties?

Hi Experts

I’m looking for a liability insurance or umbrella/commercial umbrella insurance for multiple single family Florida houses held not in LLC. (Typical personal umbrellas have 4-5 units limit and don’t work here as I’m looking for more than that). If additionally the policy can also cover houses held in LLC that would be a bonus. Ideally without preset limits on units - just with premium increases as more properties are added.

Also I would prefer to keep it separate from existing personal umbrella/house/auto etc - just an add on without redoing other existing policies.

Has anyone got such liability coverage (at $1M or more)? If so, what insurance company or broker can handle it? Any advice appreciated, thanks and Happy Easter!


Find an insurance broker in your area and ask him about providing your needs? He may not have this type of coverage but can probable help lead you to a company that can. You might also look for a risk management expert in your area as they typically define and determine best coverage and coverage needs for mitigating risk. 

You may need to make structure changes to comply with coverage requirements.


Thanks, I’ve been doing exactly that for several weeks. Without success. So that’s why I’m looking for names and phone numbers of insurance companies or brokers who have already insured such groups of properties in Florida. Everyone I’ve contacted either wants under 4-5 properties if held in personal name or LLC/commercial ownership for more. Thanks.