Letting someone use my credit score - to help them out????

I was asked if someone could use my credit score and pay me $6,000.

For those of you hard money lenders and folks who have done this in the past, please let me know the best way to do this without messing up my credit.

thank you


I have read article after article about people who’s credit was DESTROYED by people who used their credit then BAILED OUT…

REMEMBER THIS…Your credit is YOU…It is YOUR FUTURE, YOUR SUCCESS or FAILURE…Do you what to HAND that to someone for $6000???

It’ll take you SEVEN YEARS to fix your credit if they screw it up on you…

Do you know they are offering you LESS than $17 dollars per WEEK to FRAUDULENTLY use your credit???:flush

How did I get that number???

Take the $6000…divide it by the number of YEARS you WON’T be able to get credit because THEY screwed it up on you…That 7 years…

So $6000 divided by 7 years is…$857 per year

Divide $857 by 52 weeks in a year…That is $16.48

Go out and find a way to MAKE that extra $857/year then LEARN how to SAVE it…AS you’re saving it, LEARN how to INVEST it…By the time you hit 7 years you’ll have a hell of a lot more than $6000!!!


I don’t care how well you know this person…If a bank or the Feds find out what you did by letting someone use YOUR credit score…YOU are BREAKING THE LAW…You can go to JAIL for this.

okay, thank you. But I am seeking folks who have done this successfully.

I’ve not done it because I am hesitant (obviously!!!) so, let’s hear from those who’ve done it.

DO you GET IT???

IT’S ILLEGAL!!! AGAINST THE LAW…YOU GO TO JAIL FOR THIS…HAND CUFFS are your new braclets…Your new home is a 4 foot by 8 foot CELL…

Am I making this CLEARER???

Why not go down to your local PRISON and ask for advice from people who have ROBBED BANKS SUCESSFULLY??? You’ll be LIVING with them soon if you try this.

NO ONE here is going to help you do this…

:deal = :police = :crying :crying2 :redface :anon :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead. Does that clear it up for you?


You are obviously looking for someone to tell you that it worked out for them, and you won’t find that here. You are being given good solid advice by seasoned professionals. Whether you choose to accept it is up to you.

You can "lend’ your credit score but it is a little more complicated than renting it for $6,000. What you can do is form a partnership with the credit challenged person. The partnership can buy the property using you and your great credit score to get the mortgage. Your partners do the legwork and fix up the house. When the partnership sells you split the profits. You should net more than the $6,000 and you get to control the money in the partnership so that they can’t abscond with it because you are sitting on the purse strings.

I’m not sure if you could do anything dumber than this. Don’t do it.

Used to be, you put the person “borrowing” your score onto your credit card accounts as a co-owner of the account. The companies doing the credit scoring are no longer allowing this. Unless someone has come up with a very recent new scheme, there really isn’t any way to do it without putting yourself at huge risk of having your own credit destroyed-- sort of like co-signing for a known deadbeat (If they aren’t a deadbeat, they’d have their own decent credit score and wouldn’t need to use yours.)

This thread is halarious. Salem isnt catching on aye? lolz

I do agree with them. Don’t let this be your biggest mistake. You are already being warned here and I hope you do not continue to let someone use your credit card.