Letting an agent market my deal?

Would it be detrimental to my profit if I was to let an agent market and sell my property that I have under contract?

Yes and No. Yes you’ll pay a comission but if you have a big spread so what. Chances are a realtor may have interested parties and just maybe you can offer the realtor more comissions if he/she brings you better deals. On the other hand if you’re not going to make much then don’t use one. Herbster

What would an agent typically make for comission in this situation? The home is up for sale for $65,000. The spread is $15,000.

6% of the sales price is the industry standard for commission, although you can find many smaller brokerage houses willing to do around 4%, for basically the same service.

Thats between you and the agent.

Also, should I file an affadavit to protect my interest? I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to sign the contract. I figure since I will be out I should just go ahead and file one right?

Commissions are actually set by the managing broker, NOT the agent. The agent can’t decide on his/her own as to what commission to charge- it MUST be OKd by the managing broker. FYI